Its muscular shape, multiple air intakes and lightweight composite body panels create a line comparable to a purpose-built Le Mans racer, but with compact dimensions perfectly suited to modern road driving conditions.

The new Exige S matches great looks with considerable aerodynamic ability thanks to a neat rear spoiler/diffuser combination complementing a splitter at the front. This high quality aerodynamic package has been tuned by Lotus engineers during countless hours of tests in wind tunnels. Thanks to all this the Exige S generates an incredible downforce of 80 kg at 160 km/h. Definitely unique rather than rare; these characteristics give the Exige S great credibility. To make the set-up even more dynamic, and adapt the tyres to the increase in power and torque, ultra lightweight forged alloy wheels have been used, with an increased diameter of 17" for the front axle and 18" for the rear. The styling of the new wheels was designed to complement the overall style of the car and make an additional contribution to mass reduction.

When we designed the Exige's cockpit we knew what its main task would be: giving an unrivalled and thrilling driving experience on both the road and the track. We chose to eliminate anything superfluous in order to optimise the weight/power ratio and designed lightweight, great looking, comfortable seats that hold you firmly, above all when cornering. The controls are carefully positioned for maximum ease of use and the instrument cluster brings together everything you need in a clearly visible space which leaves no room for distractions. These are the advantages of sports car designers who start from the most important factor: the driver.

It's often said that real sports cars aren't really compatible with comfort. Step inside the cockpit and try the new seats in the Exige S: although they are designed for performance driving, you will find them surprisingly comfortable.

The perfectly ergonomic Probax® orthopaedic structure is built by Nubax to improve the blood flow of the driver. This means a reduction in driver fatigue compared with a normal padded seat, even after many hours at the wheel. As in a racing car the seat backrest angle is perfectly balanced for the driver, so that it does not require any mechanical adjustment.

For those drivers who will be based on the track, Probax® seats are also available in a sport version with a 4 point harness fitting.

The first time you get into an Exige you will understand that we are streets ahead of any other type of sports car. The Exige is a true sports car: stepping into the aluminium monocoque cockpit will not be taken for granted in the same way as getting into a normal sports car, but will soon become a pleasurable sporting ritual which only a real racing car can give you. As soon as you have got in, you'll have an immediate sensation of being in something special: the aluminium chassis wraps itself around you, placing you only 20 cm from the ground. Adjust the position of the seat and grasp the small steering wheel that characterises the Exige. It will already be easy to see that something unique awaits you. Take a deep breath, start the engine and listen to our soundtrack. This is just the start but... Welcome on board the Exige.

lotus exige s roadster

Lotus exige s dynamics

Finding innovative technical solutions is a constant obsession for our engineers, it's part of the Lotus DNA. The new Exige S is no exception. Read more

lotus exige s roadster

Lotus exige s design

From its multiple air intakes to its composite bodywork, everything works together to deliver a design comparable with a car built to race at Le Mans...

lotus exige s roadster

lotus exige s performance

For Lotus performance goes far beyond the simple power of the engine. The Exige S boasts state-of-the-art solutions and is undaunted by far more powerful and expensive supercars.

lotus exige s roadster

Lotus exige s dynamics

The thrill that only a Lotus can give you comes from the sensation of intimacy that it brings. You would not expect anything else from a car developed for people who love driving...

Official fuel consumption, Lotus Exige S (l/100km): Urban 19.5 (14.5) | Extra Urban 37.2 (7.6) | Combined 28.0 (10.1) | CO2 emissions: 236 g/km. Download the brochure
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